At SMI-Alcott we are dedicated to meeting clients’ needs by providing superior consumer insights, superior service, and communicating with objectivity and candor. Our core approach is that each project has individualized needs and deserves customized thought, objectives, design and analysis – to provide the fullest, even unexpected, business direction.

Our research professionals provide this specialized thinking with their focus on obtaining thoughtful consumer perspectives to address the business questions and issues, both strategic and tactical.

We bring deep consumer knowledge —  broad research portfolio of expertise & tools, and the mastery to customize for advanced business insights and outcomes. Our applications and discoveries provide an enormous lift in our clients’ programming impact, portfolio management, investment focus and growth – guiding strategic and tactical decisions.

Our proprietary workshop process is used to bring strategic framework studies to life in a differentiating way. We provide a thorough understanding that enables the team to be more creative and action-focused in thinking through business “so whats”. Our clients rely on our workshops to immerse the team in the consumers’ reality, build empathy, identify opportunities and accelerate business application.