We are a stand-out boutique firm with full research capabilities combining best practices with creative thinking and passion to maximize business impact. We are experts in custom market research, dedicated to bringing insights to life for our clients, and leveraging state-of-the-art designs and analytics to best meet your unique needs.

Our staff is a highly experienced consulting force, able to deliver successful outcomes throughout the marketing process. The SMI-Alcott consulting force is comprised of people who have a deep understanding of both the consumer markets and market research. Our Leadership Team brings client based perspective – we have sat in your seat and understand your needs!


Sue Ellen Bohac - Co-President

Sue Ellen Bohac

Kathy Day, Co-President

Kathy Day

Frank Serpico, Senior Vice President

Frank Serpico
Senior Vice President

Kathleen Lee, Vice President

Kathleen Lee
VP of Evaluative Research and Programs

Anne Marie Dlutowski
VP of Operations

Chris Embick
Senior Account Director

Chelsey Merker, Account Director

Chelsey Merker
Account Director

Kelly Rebeck Kutas, Account Director

Kelly Rebeck Kutas
Account Director

Laura Schillmoeller
Senior Director of Marketing Science and Analysis

Kristi Rathunde, Senior Research Director

Kristi Rathunde
Senior Research Director

Adam Weil, Research Director

Adam Weil
Senior Research Director

Duncan Drummond, Senior Data Manager

Duncan Drummond
Senior Data Manager

Nichole Schroeder, Research Director

Nichole Schroeder
Research Director

Cat Iribarne, Project Manager

Cat Iribarne
Research Manager

Sage Markgraf, Analyst

Sage Markgraf

Rafaella Strobos, Associate Analyst

Rafaella Strobos
Associate Analyst