Sue Ellen Bohac, Co-President


Born with a heart that beats for creativity, once Sue Ellen found her groove in the market research world, she immediately saw the need for a consulting firm that operates unlike any other, thus founding Alcott Group (which later merged with SMI). Here she has continuously incubated a small but mighty team of creative insight focused consumer experts. With a fervent flow of innovation, Sue Ellen brings a vivid, contagious energy to any team or business she touches.  Always thinking of new ways to improve upon past successes, complacency is simply not a word in Sue Ellen’s dictionary. She guides SMI-Alcott with the credo that “if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards”.

The SMI-Alcott team operates under one umbrella belief–that consumers are complex multi-dimensional beings. Piloting that notion, Sue Ellen advanced the Marketing Matrix to one of its current, most widely used forms, which helps businesses relate to and understand consumers by uncovering the emotional nuances that shape their category relevance and moments of choice. Sue Ellen, in constant wonder of the world, has been especially excited by the opportunity to expand the Marketing Matrix on a global scale. As the need grows for her clients to make meaning of the way they are seen in globally specific markets, it’s Sue Ellen’s mission to unearth the underlying patterns and human truths we all share, no matter what language we speak.

In all aspects of her life, Sue Ellen is known for her inventive brilliance and fearlessness. In the words of one of her clients, she’s a “curious insight guru”. Always up to crack open a complex challenge, Sue Ellen somehow always identifies unseen emotional territories ripe for transformational growth platforms. This thirst for unexpected market intelligence is one of the many reasons Sue Ellen and her team is successful in their support of brands working hard to stay relevant in an ever-changing market landscape. Thus turning many clients into SMI-Alcott “believers” – coming back again and again to “Alcottize” consumer insights for additional categories and find new business opportunities in global markets.

A whole-hearted humanitarian, Sue Ellen loves immersing herself in different ways of life through travel, art and architecture. Even more so, she enjoys enriching her family with a sense of wonder for the world and the people in it. In a continuing effort to help people better understand each other, Sue Ellen has remained a school district board member for the last 16 years. From her work in education, she is able to leverage theories of education and collaboration into her work with business teams.