Raffaella Strobos, Analyst


Raffaella is determined to understand the sporadic irrationality of consumers and why they don’t always “play by the books.” With an Economics degree from Northwestern, Raffaella turned to Market Research in order to answer this question, applying her quantitative grounding and analytic toolset to dive further into the psychology behind the decisions people make.  Even though a fresh player in the field, her data-driven mind, tenacity, and appetite to learn make her a force to work with. Raffaella’s deep experience in survey design from an Economics point of view adds a dynamic perspective to our team and diversifying portfolio of tools and approaches.

Raffaella brings a relentless and reliable work ethic wherever she goes – no task is met with less than her best. She understands the value of quality and thoughtful analysis, and more importantly that numbers can only reach so far into the consumer story. She thrives in an environment where she can combine the concreteness of data with the compelling unpredictability of the genuine consumer.

An Austin native, Raffaella fell in love with Chicago after being recruited to play volleyball at Northwestern. And if the weather is nice, she is undoubtedly outside. If not on the court or beach perfecting her spiking skills, you can find her exploring every kind of food and cuisine – particularly anything involving cheese!