Our experience is broad and deep, having partnered with a wide range of categories and brands. Over 40% of our business is conducted globally (outside the US). We have worked in all continents, across 20+ countries (qualitative, quantitative), and have conducted client team workshops in 16 countries.

What our clients say…

“SMI-Alcott – small, but mighty! Have accomplished strategic business insights that the mega research companies weren’t able to.” – Research Director Fortune 50

“They get it! From issues to design to analytics, I have no worries and total confidence.” – Marketing Research Director

“SMI-Alcott’s work transformed our company. SMI-Alcott changed the whole way our team thinks, talks, and operates. The CEO was dazzled.” – Worldwide Research Director

“When people ask what is the standard of excellence in consumer insight, I carry an SMI-Alcott example to show them.” – VP of Innovation

“SMI-Alcott’s engagement model is unique and unmatched in the industry.” – Marketing Research Director

“We understand our core target as we’ve never understood them before, which saved us a quick million and prevented a bad media buy!” – Research Director

“We tried a different option to save money, and lost a year’s time. SMI-Alcott brought the team back on track with one meeting.” – Global Marketing Director

“I admit it. I was skeptical. But once you’ve gone through an SMI-Alcott workshop, you’re a believer. They’re so creative and fun!” – Marketing Research Manager

“We’re still leveraging this study, nearly 5 years after we completed it. How often can you say that?” – Marketing Director

“No one else gets this amount of information in one study. No one else even tries to!” – Marketing Research Director

“I’m a hero to my marketing team! (And I’ve got the award to prove it!) Thanks SMI-Alcott!” – Consumer Insights Manager