Kristi Rathunde, Senior Research Director


An advocate for continuous, hands-on learning, Kristi was initially drawn to SMI-Alcott’s passion for growth. This mutual appreciation has allowed Kristi to thrive here as a project manager. She is always looking to improve upon and innovate approaches and thinking – even after 17 years of industry experience.

Kristi has a knack for refining the details amidst a giant project, which allows for a unique thoroughness. Kristi brings a responsive dynamic to the team with a knack for thinking ahead and moving projects forward. She’s always got her eye on the finish line, something particularly valued by her client partners. Most notably, Kristi was part of the team that was selected to run a market leader’s on-going product evaluation program.

Don’t be fooled by Kristi’s “down-to-business” exterior, it only takes a conversation or two to know how much she truly cares about the people in her life – from clients to family.  She puts the two together to make a difference – by taking action through causes, ideas and charities she believes in; as is the case with the Children’s Heart Foundation. Kristi, though a self-recognized fashion fanatic, contrasts that with a passion for sports. Combine that with a skillset for analyzing data, and it’s no surprise that Kristi and her husband won a Fantasy Football trophy in their rookie year!  Above all, Kristi loves watching her daughter explore the world; that is perfect since Kristi loves explaining how the world works.