Kathy Day, Co-President


As co-president of SMI-Alcott, Kathy’s warmth and wisdom has attracted some of the brightest minds in market research. With her breadth of experience and an innate ability to align all areas of business to work together, Kathy enables a constant flow of innovative and personalized business outcomes. Kathy’s leadership is founded on the philosophy that success comes from collaborating as a member of the client’s team through sharing goals, recognizing needs and making her client partners stars through solid business implications.

When partnering with many Corporate Fortune 500 companies, Kathy genuinely gets to know her clients on a personal level to ensure her consultancy aligns with her clients’ priorities and business goals.  Earning this level of trust, coupled with her easygoing demeanor has made Kathy a sought after and trusted adviser. Be it a personal or professional challenge / dilemma, it’s not uncommon to hear people ask aloud, “what would Kathy do?”

Fearless and tactful, Kathy loves answering questions that a brand / company has not yet explored. Using her background in architecture, she’s able to understand the functional intricacies needed in the scaffolding of a research platform, while never losing sight of an opportunity to capture the vast emotional dimensions that can provide a brand with valuable, out-of-the-box opportunities. With an extensive palate of customized research tools and analytic methods, Kathy has an impressive track record in designing and applying discreet choice modeling, concept and product optimization, and positioning development in unique ways to consistently go beyond her client’s expectations.

Kathy continuously enjoys deepening both her personal and professional relationships with the steadfast belief that you can’t live a positive life if you don’t surround yourself with positive people. She especially enjoys bonding over food, whether she’s “hosting” dinners during college visits with her kids’ or cooking with friends.