Grace O’Gara, Analyst


Grace — a believer in unearthing the human connections behind the numbers. Originally drawn to market research as a result of her passion for human psychology, Grace loves exploring how we perceive the world, interact with ourselves and each other, and choose to live our lives. As an Analyst at SMI-Alcott, Grace attests she has found herself at the apex between human psychology and innovative business strategy. With her astute mindset to divulge how people and consumers work, she offers a deeper sales analysis lens and client-side perspective based on her time focused in this area at Kimberly-Clark.

Grace is daunted by nothing. She is a true go-getter — confident, and ready to dive in wherever needed. Her infinite “never-settle-for-less” energy is a catalyst for those in her collaboration circle. Her determination to observe and dig deeper into consumer questions and implications is palpable, and her ability to weave together data and the consumer mentality is vital in helping the team develop deep, actionable, and realistic solutions.

Outside the office Grace is an enthusiast for everything outdoor – particularly when training for that next marathon. This passion for running has further inspired her to volunteer for Girls on the Run, helping young girls train and be motivated to build strong, healthy life skills. And while Grace can hit the pavement hard, she has also been known to rock a beat – just ask to hear her award-winning rap rendition of the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme Song!”