Frank Serpico, Senior Vice President


A dissector of details, Frank’s unique research methodology stems from getting to know the nuances of a person or problem in order to ask the “right questions”. Asking discerning questions allows him to build trusting relationships with his clients. Leading to Frank’s mindful thought processes and the best decisions when discerning the success potential of new product launches for Fortune 500 companies.

Frank thinks from many different angles, often playing a “productive devil’s advocate” role. This open-minded and assertive nature has helped him identify and manifest highly motivating messaging for durable goods company that lead to substantial growth and success in the market. Always digging deeper, Frank aided a manufacturer of household care products in the assessment of potential brand acquisitions in terms of their core equity, likelihood for success and improvement opportunities.

In his spare time, Frank enjoys taking his Harley out on the open road. Don’t worry; he keeps it geeky and safe with a full-face helmet and armor jacket. After all, he has a family to come home to. More than anything grandiose, Frank enjoys relishing in the “little moments” with his girls, which comes to no surprise, given his love for the details.