Duncan Drummond, Senior Data Manager


Duncan is the guru of the “behind-the-scenes” details that make up the foundation for SMI Alcott’s data excellence. With his expert data management skills, he is the critical link between the research team – the stats team – tabs department – always exercising extreme care and precision in order to ensure the data operation is “spot on”. This detailed execution is invaluable when it comes to providing the right numbers at the right time for continued ROI on strategic data sets.

With over 15 years working in market research – doing everything from phone surveys to analysis – Duncan knows how and when all the pieces need to come together for a successful report. He sees the big picture as it relates to data, contributing to the goal of inspired visual stories.

When he’s not operating SMI Alcott’s data switchboard, Duncan enjoys relaxing with his family. It’s the simple pleasures like taking the kids on nature hikes, doing arts and crafts or exploring Chicago’s museums that are his favorite pastimes.