Chelsey Merker, Account Director – Innovation & Frameworks


Chelsey believes in the power of simplicity. She has an unparalleled ability to strip away the extra fluff; focusing in on the answers that really help a marketing team do their job. But that doesn’t mean just answering the most obvious or basic question. Information is easy. Insight is hard. So she works to root out the question behind the question. What is the definition of business success for the brand team, for management? What is critical to understand to move the business forward in that area?  What needs to be explored to determine the core levers to invest against? By driving the thinking deeper, she’s able to help her clients make enlightened and groundbreaking business decisions.

Chelsey has a solid research foundation in various insight areas, analytic tools and methodologies … From concept optimization to tracking, conjoint to cluster, qualitative to global samples. Always working towards simplification, Chelsey focuses on her passion for business strategy–especially in areas relating to brand and portfolio strategy. Chelsey puts her marketing savvy and Northwestern MBA to use collaborating with her SMI Alcott team members to advance the impact of segmentation on her client’s strategic and tactical plans. Looking broad and deep, and putting that shared value that quality of thought, insight and focus will win the day over sheer quantity of data.

When Chelsey’s not simplifying, she can most likely be found “getting her Pinterest on”. Whether she’s attempting DIY home projects or coming up with an excuse to throw a dinner party, she loves to get creative. In the event that she needs a break from dips and decor, she heads to the court to up her tennis game with her husband.