Carrie McDowell, Research Director


A discerning perspective when diving into the core of a consumer’s approach, Carrie brings 20 years of Market Research and Consulting experience – so it’s safe to say she’s gotten her hands dirty with just about everything in the research world! As a Research Director, Carrie offers an incredibly human-centered approach, leveraging her robust background in psychology research design and studies – putting those Psychology (B.S.) and Organizational Psychology (M.S) degrees to good use! These skills, coupled with her past quantitative roles, make Carrie a fabulous bridge between the deep worlds of qualitative, quantitative, and the authentic reality of consumers.

A master communicator, Carrie knows the questions that need to be asked and how to connect the dots that others may not see. Having worked extensively within Health Care and Food Service industries, she is naturally attuned to fostering meaningful relationships and delivering actionable, effective insights to achieve rapid results. She inspires hard work, propagates fun, and has the innate ability to remain calm and collected no matter what curve-ball presents itself. Experience across diverse industries has trained her mind to pursue opportunities for innovation and adaptation, an incredible team asset to have when working in markets whose needs, methods, and ambitions are forever evolving.

In the evenings you can find Carrie unwinding with some yacht rock, escaping between the pages of psychology journals, or diving into a new biography. But don’t be fooled by her inquisitive nature, this woman knows how to make a memory! Just walk by her desk to catch a glimpse of her renewing her wedding vows with an Elvis impersonator.