Anne Marie Dlutowski, Vice President of Operations


Anne Marie is a natural problem solver – an invaluable skill as VP of Operations. The root of her effectiveness is her attentive listening skills. She is a person who takes the time to fully diagnose the needs, challenges and occasional surprises being encountered during SMI-Alcott’s pursuit for the highest quality data.  Whether it is getting refrigerated products to respondents in extreme weather situations or overseeing 20+ global markets simultaneously, Anne Marie always brings her mastery of aligning people, systems and resources to ensure effective and efficient research operations.

More than a listener, Ann Marie is a mobilizer!  Big or small, she gets at the heart of the issue. Anne Marie brings together key players to facilitate collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas that results in creative and effective solutions.  She accomplishes this in a manner that fosters trust and candor, living her tenet that transparency is an essential element in building mutually beneficial business relationships. She digs in deep with vendor partners and makes it a point to get to know everyone personally throughout the chain of command. Day in and day out, Anne Marie personifies key aspects of the company culture that drew her to us – innovation, determination and sincerity.

It only takes a few minutes with Anne Marie to know that her life is all about perpetuating good energy.  She exemplifies this within the people’s lives she touches; through nature by way of her gardening and through the rescue work she does for our four-legged friends.