Adam Weil, Senior Research Director


A naturally gifted story teller, Adam quickly realized the skills he mastered in Journalism school create a seamless and valuable bridge into Market Research – after that, he was hooked. Adam is dedicated to creating increasingly visual, engaging consumer insights to foster greater meaning between clients and data. Avidly pursuing the natural story thread to the end, Adam’s ability to build rapport with any audience and the energy he embodies while breaking through conventional thinking is captivating to watch. When jumping into dynamic, experience-driven research ventures, Adam exhibits imaginative insight and vigor to bring unanticipated discoveries to light.

Adam employs a multifaceted approach enabled by having led insight initiatives designed to drive new products, services, and business model ideas across particularly complex industries, ranging from health care, to financial services, to education. Ask him about his time at Discovery Channel — a company rich in master storytellers — where Adam led the charge to evolve insight communication templates to accelerate user takeaways, decision making, and confidence in future visions. His innovative spark and editorial skills result in reports that client teams find not only easy to internalize, but inspire the drive to align and activate valuable, far-reaching business opportunities.

If you know Adam, it does not come as a shock to learn that his competitive nature was shaped by his twin (an identical one at that!). And today there is no more hallowed place for him than the golf course – competing against himself surrounded by nature’s unrestrained beauty. But watch out, this naturally charismatic and die-hard Ohio State fan will show a different side if he hears a breath against The Buckeyes!